Clinton is ahead of trump by two million votes

Donald trump and Hillary Clinton

The isolation of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton from Republican Donald trump, who won the election, exceeded two million votes. This is according to the online Cook Political Report, which monitors the counting of votes continued in several States.

For Clinton, according to November 22, voted 64.2 million voters, whereas in trump — 62,2 million. In this case the gap may grow even more, because in those States where the winning candidate of the Democrats, including in California, the vote count is not completed, noted, “Voice of America”.

At the same time, advantage Clinton will not change the outcome of the elections. This is the fifth in the history of the United States when the winner gets less votes than the loser. The last time this happened in 2000, when the President was Republican George W. Bush, far behind rival al Gore by half a percent. The final counting of votes then dragged on for months.

23 Nov team of specialists on election law and computer experts turned to the headquarters of Clinton’s call for a recount of the votes in three States where trump won with a minimum advantage. According to them, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania could be a cyber attack in order to manipulate the election results.

22 November a number of electors-Democrats — at least six — urged his Republican colleagues not to vote for the elected President of the United States.

November 8, the country held elections won by the Republican candidate, who received 290 electoral votes with 270 needed.