Trump explained the intention of the wife to defer moving to the White house

The Melania Trump

The wife of the elected President of the United States Donald trump Melania and their ten year old son Barron is not gonna move with him to the White house in Washington after the inauguration. As reported on Sunday, November 20, CNN, about it journalists were told by trump.

He clarified that the move does take place, however, only after the end of the academic year in a private school in the Upper East side, which is visited by the boy.

Earlier the newspaper reported a strong attachment of Melanie trump to son. “The campaign was difficult for the Barron and Melania really hoped to keep inconvenience to a minimum,” the source told NYP. Another interviewee noted that Melania trump will go to the White house as soon as you need it, but the focus will be given to Barron.

Currently, the Tramp living in the penthouse of new York’s Trump Tower skyscraper. Before moving Melanie and Barron they are there to protect the Secret service agents, while the child will get to school in an armored car.

The inauguration of US President Donald trump and Vice-President Michael Pence will be held on January 20, 2017 in Washington.