In Russia, reform the service of psychological assistance to students

In Russia, reform the service of psychological assistance to students

About the need for change started talking after the tragedy in the Pskov region, where two teenagers fired at a police car and killed himself.

Moscow. 21 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — After the incident with the death in the Pskov region two youths fired on police car, Russia to hold reform services of the school of psychological help, said the Vice-Premier of the Russian government Olga Golodets.

“To change the entire service psychologists — that is our task. To give it a completely different professional filling and lay the other methods of working with parents and with teachers and directly with children,” Golodets told reporters on Monday, answering a question of Interfax.

She explained that we are talking primarily about school psychologists.

The reform programme will be prepared after the study of the statistics of teenage suicides in Russia, which will present a Federal medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after VP Serbian.

“The Serbsky Institute will prepare a course of seminars and techniques for the analysis of all of the tragic cases that have occurred in Russia over the past few years. And they will prepare new programs for training school psychologists,” — said Golodets.

Hidden trouble

According to the Vice Prime Minister, the case in the Pskov region shows that the “psychological support service is necessary to reorganize and strengthen its professional beginning.”

“Unfortunately, those children who fall into such difficult situations, they do not come to the attention of the so-called psychologists. That is, today, psychologists in schools most often focused on children in the so-called difficult situations, that is, children who live in dysfunctional families… But the hidden disadvantage, discomfort, lack of attention to the child, the parents have shortage of time for the child leads to much more complex consequences,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

The tragedy in the Pskov region

According to the investigation, on 14 November, two 15-year-olds closed in a holiday home in the village of Strugi-Krasnyye and opened fire on a police car arrived with the aim of tracing one of them. Hours hours police negotiated with the teenagers, but the result has not been reached. The girl and the young man was broadcast live the events with them on the Internet.

Later minors has stopped responding to the police, and when SWAT entered the house, there were found their bodies with gunshot wounds. As found in the TFR, 15-year-old man shot first his peers and then committed suicide.

In SKR also said that in may 2016 15-the summer teenager has got in the field sight of law enforcement bodies from-for violations of the rules of conduct at school, missing lessons and poor academic performance.

Earlier media reported that the teenagers were family problems that could lead to tragedy. This confirms that shortly before the tragedy, the students were placed in social networks, letters to friends in which he talked about the intention to commit suicide.