Trump will correct the failure of Obama’s “reset” of relations with Russia – media

Elected President of the United States Donald Trump should start with attempts to improve relations with Russia to demonstrate to the world that he knows what he’s doing, believes Time.


The most serious failure of the previous President Barack Obama was a “reset” of relations with Russia. Trump will have to correct this oversight, the newspaper writes, as the conflict between Washington and Moscow no good the United States will bring.


“Obama and his Secretary of state Hillary Clinton failed to understand that the United States is disadvantageous to fight with Russia in the questions for Russians are much more important than for Americans, and that the conflict with Moscow anything of value States will not bring”, – says the article.


The publication writes that the new American leader is sure that Washington needs “to do more for themselves, not for the world.” The author argues that trump is certainly “yield Crimea to Russia, abandoning the hard-line Obama on Ukraine”. It will even praise for what he will reduce the tension in Russian-American relations, especially in cyberspace.


The author believes that the United States should change its policy towards not only Russia but also, for example, Syria. According to him, trump is aware that the US does not have the power to collect pieces of the cap together, so he would fight with terrorists banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.


“Trump may quickly earn a lot of political points is not the solution of complex global problems, and as a result of the refusal of battles I can’t win”, – stated in the article.


In addition, Trump will be able to establish relationship with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said that the new head of the White house will mark a “new era” of American democracy. Perhaps, writes Time, trump will agree to extradite a deadly enemy of Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen. In the end the US, Russia and Turkey, apparently, will be able to begin tripartite discussion, the author writes.


“It will be an interesting four years,” he sums up.

Photo: Aude Guerrucci/