The number of victims of the train crash in India has exceeded 100 people

The death toll in the train crash in India has exceeded 100 people. About 200 were injured, according to NDTV.

Earlier it was reported about 91 the victim of the disaster.

In the night of Sunday, November 20, 14 cars of a passenger train, EN route Indore — Patna, derailed in Uttar Pradesh in the North of the country. The train was over 500 people. According to preliminary data, citizens of Russia in the result of incident has not suffered.

An investigation has begun, as one version of the incident is considered damage to the rails.

Such accidents in India is not uncommon. For example, in March of last year in the state of Uttar Pradesh in a train crash killed 39 people, injured 150.

Indian railway ranks fourth in the world for the length. Every day this kind of transport used by over 20 million people.