That’s what “Caliber” the living do: Obama was afraid of the Russian fleet

In the latest edition of “Hurt”, a leading TV channel “Zvezda”, the Explorer Nikolai Petrov talks about why the US President dramatically changed his statements about Russia and what might come after the West recognized Russia as a “military superpower”.


How long have Husseynovich Barack Obama tried to convince the whole world that we’re in tatters along with our economy, that we are the evil Empire, worse than ISIS (banned in Russia – approx. ed.). According to Obama, Russia is a regional power, the aggressor, who will pay for everything, rusty gas station. Most of the publications in the Western press in recent years were such. But suddenly, Obama said the following:


“My point from the moment I became President, has always been the same: Russia is an important country, it is a military superpower. She has influence in the region and around the world. And we have to find a solution to the greater part of the world’s greatest challenges, we need to work together with Russia. It is in our interest to cooperate with her.”


I’m sorry, what? Could you slow down? I put it down. Obama spoke so slowly, almost sucked on words. But what happened to the President of the United States, which spent the lion’s share of his eight-year term to humiliate Russia, its President and its citizens, so suddenly changed? Is this is – “Admiral Kuznetsov”? No, I can’t believe it. Although…


That’s what “Caliber” the living do. Russian missiles, aircraft and frigates suddenly appeared to be not rusty. Two days it took the US President to realize this and with a deep sense of bewilderment, very slowly, but to squeeze out a confession: Yes, Russia is stronger and more influential than we thought. And about the wisps, might have been mistaken, who does not happen. But still Obama would not be President of the United States, if not then hissed through his teeth: well, the sanctions we have with the German Chancellor agreed to extend, and the Congress is ready to strengthen them. To Moscow is not particularly happy. Slammed the door in the end Barack husseynovich.


To paraphrase the famous catch phrase, we can say that eight years ago Husseynovich Barack Obama, on assuming office, took Russia in tatters, rusted regional gas station and handed over to the successor military superpower. Pretty low-key operation of Russian ships in the Mediterranean sea is sometimes enough to picture the world the Western elite sparkle with new bright colors. And the roof, leaving on the grounds of its alleged military superiority and, unfortunately, the real impunity, began to take place.


Author: Nikolay Petrov


The program “Touched” on the TV channel “Zvezda” is a personal opinion and honest conversation about what really hurt the presenter and Explorer Nikolai Petrov.

Photo: Ministry of defense of Russia, imago stock&people/Globallookpress