Russian doctors will do the analogue Siri

Russian doctors will do the analogue Siri

The Ministry has allocated for the project is 250 million rubles.

The company “speech technology Center” (MDGs) will receive a subsidy of 250 million rubles for the development of speech recognition physicians. The company won the competition of Ministry of industry and trade under the state program “Development of electronic and radioelectronic industry for 2013-2025”. Development should help doctors to get rid of large amounts of paperwork, as the new system will allow us to tell the history and purpose into the microphone. The system will be fully ready by 2020.

As described in the MDGs, has already developed a prototype of the recognition of the professional language of physicians using the dictionary of medical terms. Now we are working on a software-hardware platform, which is a noise-canceling microphone, the recorder for recording when working in the field, a cloud-based service synthesis and speech recognition, medical speech, workstation training of medical protocols and templates. In addition, the company will provide an opportunity to integrate the cloud service system voice recognition any of the presents on the Russian market of the medical information system (MIS). A long-term project, all the system will be ready only in 2020. Until the end of 2017 will be held scientific-research work, from the beginning of 2018 — experimental design.

The General Director of MDG Dmitry Dyrmovsky said that the developed the platform not only reduces the time to complete the documents, but also allow to organize electronic document flow in medical facilities.

— According to the Ministry of labour and social protection of medical personnel spend up to half of their working time filling out various documents, — says Dmitry Dyrmovsky. — This leads to the lack of time for patient examination, diagnosis and the treatment process itself. Often doctors are forced to fill in the necessary documents until a significant time after the study or survey. This may lead to loss or distortion of the data, not to mention the fact that “medical” handwriting sometimes you just can’t read. Due to the fact that the medical records will be stored in electronic form, the doctor will be able to seek medical history of the patient, which will significantly speed up the diagnostic process and will reduce the time for decision-making about the treatment of the patient.

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Project Manager of laboratory of computer analysis of medical images Innopolis University Ramil Kuleev believes that the computerization of medicine is necessary because it solves a lot of questions: business processes, input and storage of data, document control.

— There are a few developments that automatiseret work of the doctor, the speech recognition system will be in demand, because now the doctor spends a lot of time on the writing of the study Protocol or the medical history of the disease, — says Ramil Kuleev. — The speech recognition accuracy of the doctor in the product of the MDGs will be higher than in the decisions for the masses from Google or Apple, because the training algorithms is conducted on a sample of medical terms.

To reduce the time for paperwork doctors are required according to the order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation No. 290н from July of last year. The document says: “the time of the doctor-specialist for the registration of medical documentation subject to the rational organization of labor should not be more than 35% of the standard time associated with visiting a single patient.”