It was the police patrol: Switzerland commented on the incident with the Russian plane

The Ministry of defence of Switzerland commented on the escort fighters of the country of the aircraft with the Russian delegation on Board, EN route to the APEC summit in Peru. So, according to representatives of the defense Ministry, the incident was a routine inspection, reports Reuters.


The Ministry of defence of Switzerland noted that their aircraft F/A-18 followed over its territory to the aircraft for seven minutes. The Ministry stressed that such flights to test the aircraft belonging to foreign governments committed about 400 times a year.


“It’s like a police patrol on the street which examines the machines to make sure they were not stolen,” – said the Ministry of defence of Switzerland.


On the eve in the airspace of Switzerland to the plane with the Russian delegation on Board, following in Peru for the APEC summit, and closer military aircraft of Switzerland. The passengers of the Russian plane was even able to consider the Swiss flag on the tail of one of the fighter, its tail number J-5024 and the face of the pilot. Moscow sent a note to Berne asking to comment on the incident.

Video: Dmitry Smirnov/Facebook

Photo: Dmitry Smirnov/Facebook