Work on new parts of the railway bypassing Ukraine will begin in December

© Vadim Grishanin/Office of the press service and information Ministry of defense of Russia/TASS

MOSCOW, November 2. /TASS/. Russian railway troops in December will begin work on new parts of the railway zhuravka – Millerovo to bypass Ukraine. This was reported to journalists by the chief of the troops, Lieutenant-General Oleg Kosenkov.

“In December of this year we plan to start work on laying the permanent way on the stretch from the station Sergeyevka station Sokhranovka length of 15.7 km, and then from the station Kotelnikovo station vynohradivka length of 11.9 km,” he said following the visit to the Voronezh region.

Now, according to him, the military, the railroad laid path between the future stations Zaitsivka and Sergeyevka over a length of 23.4 km. “To accomplish this involved the personnel of the separate path railway battalion of the southern military district”, – he said.

According to Kosenkov, summer military railroad completed the construction of subgrade on a stretch of 47 km, which is 38% of the total construction of this road.

“To date, train troops carried out the laying of almost 10 km of rail-sleeper grid in the railway section zhuravka – Millerovo to bypass Ukraine”, – summed up Kosenkov.