The state Department will be headed by the mastermind of the pogrom



The current Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden can replace John Kerry as Secretary of state if the President of the United States on 8 November will win Hillary Clinton. On almost one hundred percent probability of such personnel decisions, writes the American online edition of Politico, which cites a “source familiar with the planning” for senior positions in the administration of the possible democratic candidate.

Of course, Biden wasn’t the only one vying for the post of foreign Minister. But in the short list of candidates he is the first. Biden himself, however, says Politico, knows nothing about the plans of Clinton about his person. However, according to a source publication, the current contender for the presidency from the Democrats and her advisers “spend a lot of time trying to find the best way to” convince Biden to agree to head the foreign Ministry.

And the question is not even that the current Vice-President of this appointment will be a clear tier lower in the hierarchy. Here his business to agree or not. Far more important for us whether the foreign policy Biden, if he accepts the offer to lead the state Department to deviate from the line of Kerry. Including – and Russian-American direction.

Whether Biden at least a little to curb the aggressive nature of Clinton? Or this tandem with more passion will be to terrorize the world of the notorious “Russian threat”?

Russia, in principle, anyway, who will be President, Vice-President, Secretary of state, – commented the expert of the International Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Bruter. – Russia may be interested in this for informational purposes only, and not in the sense that profitable? Of course, it is beneficial that the United States behaved differently. But it is not linked to a specific purpose.

It is generally a subject that goes beyond the administration. Because it is not regulated in the US President, and the American establishment. Are two different things.

“SP”: – But such personnel “bend” to Biden?

– I think that the information is true. But he, in that case, will become the first Vice-President, who agreed to go to the bottom to hold the office of Secretary of state.

Biden – remember – represents the more conservative circles of the Democratic party than Clinton herself. And so the information about his possible appointment is a signal of moderate conservatives that their interests in the new administration will be considered.

In fact, until recently, Biden was not the favorite for the position. And Clinton never wanted to see him in this position. At least because they have with Biden was a lot of conflict, at a time when he was Vice President and she is Secretary of state.

So this is a concession. The assignment of the more conservative clans in the camp of the Democrats.

“SP”: – And what tactics you will choose this conservative Democrat?

Eight years of Biden for Vice-President give an accurate representation of his political views and preferences. He is a supporter of a tougher line than Obama. And its relation to Russia is worse than Obama. And, in fact, this is all the information that may be of interest to us in this part.

Although I would recall another famous phrase Biden that “the issue of supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine will be decided over four days.” She was told in the summer of 2014. However, the issue wasn’t resolved for two years. Which also speaks about the relationship of Obama and Biden, who never was fairly close. Despite the fact that the Vice President personally oversaw the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

All of this, in my opinion, means that any warming in relations between our countries will not. You must rely quite a complex and long-term options if Biden will become Secretary of state.

“SP”: – the Main thing, whether it comes to an open confrontation? Still, with all the contradictions, Kerry is sometimes possible to negotiate…

– The question of an open confrontation does not depend on Biden. From Biden in this case depends on only some percentage of it. But the rhetoric of the White house will become noticeably more rigid. And pragmatists will be much less.

Kerry – man, which is easy to negotiate. The question is his place and role in the Obama administration. The attitude of other leaders of the United States.

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Kerry came to politics from business. Out of business “family”. For him, economic interests are very often accompanied the political. Because American business is set to expand, has always worked closely with Kerry and his team.

Biden is nothing there. It is not the business community. There are economic interests, but they are very specific and limited.

All that can be said about this: Biden will not be a supporter of Clinton. He is much more conservative on many issues. But in relation to Russia, most likely, is very little affected.

“SP”: – And for Kiev – gift? After all Biden is known to be the curator of the “Ukrainian project” and actually “steers” the entire leadership of Ukraine.

But Biden doesn’t run the administration. The priorities exhibited are not the Secretary of state. And we can see from Kerry, who were in close contact with the Bay, but it didn’t work.

Relations with Ukraine are not a priority for the American establishment. The establishment is, in essence, got what it wanted from Ukraine. Now very many depends not on who will become Secretary of state, and how the Ukrainian elite will be conducting pre-sales services. If she can interest Washington will still be some time interested in them. No – then “goodbye”.

The scientist-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki, in turn, called the rumors about his new position as Vice President of the United States “speculation”:

– Let me remind you that an enormous amount of speculation was about who would be second Vice-President from Clinton in the presidential election. Stopped, however, Tim Kane, who does not, in my opinion, even in the top ten contenders for the post. For this kind of stuffing should be treated with caution. Anyway, until then, until the results of the vote.

With regard to foreign policy Biden, by the way, John Kerry is his man. They – old friends, both of the Kennedy clan. Irish. And that Biden brought Kerry into the administration of Barack Obama to replace Hillary Clinton.

During the first term of Obama, Biden and Clinton, who was at that time Secretary of state, were just in a conflict relationship. Because Biden a year and a half actually removed her from making significant foreign policy decisions. Only at the end of 2010, Clinton was able to “squeeze” a more or less some influence. In 2011 this resulted in a military operation in Libya.

“SP”: – Well, the Biden’s also have their “victory”… Ukraine, for example…

He really was one of the sponsors of the “Ukrainian project”. And not on the level of ideology and ideology of this case was led by the neocons whose representative was Victoria Nuland. Biden at the highest level, that is, covered this project. It is known that his son, hunter Biden, owns significant natural gas assets in Ukraine and occupies a high post in the private gas company Burisma Holdings.

It is clear that Biden will try to maintain its influence and will stick to a fairly rigid position. Therefore, it is unlikely for Ukraine it may be some serious progress.

But again, it’s hard for me to imagine that Joseph Biden, refused presidential ambitions (he’s also going to run in this election from the Democrats), will become Secretary of state in the administration of the person at the time, removed from foreign policy.

“SP”: – then What’s behind all this?

– Something tells me that the way the environment is Clinton still trying to promote her figure. The fact that Hillary is an extremely high rating. Trump, though, too. This is the feature of the American elections.

But Clinton too aggressively speaks out on international issues. Wanting, apparently, to demonstrate his toughness or something. Or to show that, despite the fact that she is a woman, capable of decisive action. In this case, the information that Biden would become her Secretary of state, is working on improving its image.

“SP”: – And Biden is not that a humiliation?

– The fact of the matter is. He has already honored pensioner, who did not go to the presidential race. Its either persuaded not to do so. Either he decided. However, if Biden participated in the democratic primaries, many things in General would have been different.

Of course, for him to offer Clinton is not just a fall. Is – relatively speaking – as President of the United States, he is offered the post of Minister of foreign Affairs. For a man who was Vice-President and which in international Affairs understand much more in Clinton, it’s weird. For example, I can not imagine how Biden will appeal to Hillary: “Madame President…”