Most Russians opposed the introduction of compulsory voting


The idea of introducing compulsory voting in the elections in Russia did not find support of the population against it voted 63 per cent of respondents. It follows from the results of a survey published on Tuesday, November 1, on the website of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

The opponents of the idea are appealing primarily to the right of each to decide whether to give their vote for a particular party or candidate. 14 percent said that do not take part in the elections for the objective reasons.

Most expressed “against” — male, middle-aged Muscovites and Petersburgers.

Supported the proposal, 34 percent of respondents. As arguments supporters argue that participation in elections is a civic duty, and people should be responsible for the future of the country (51 percent). 16 percent of respondents believe that this measure will help to eliminate the possibility of fraud.

The idea was soon ready to support women, people 60 years and older, residents of villages and supporters of the Communist party.

Consensus on whether to impose sanctions for violation of the law in the case of adoption, the respondents were not: the third proposes to introduce a system of fines. However, another third believes that punish “evaders” is not necessary.

45 percent of respondents are ready to support a return to the ballot the column “against all”.

These data showed a telephone survey conducted October 1-2. VTsIOM staff talked with 1600 respondents.

In September, the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova does not exclude that the issue of mandatory voting in elections can be decided in a referendum. However, she later clarified that spoke on the subject of compulsory voting only hypothetically, and such initiatives at the moment, reports “Interfax”.

18 November in Russia have passed elections of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation was also elected to the regional parliaments in 39 subjects and nine governors. The final turnout was 47,88 percent.