MOE was asked to simplify the procedure of departure of the rescuers abroad

MOE was asked to simplify the procedure of departure of the rescuers abroad

Moscow. 2 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — EMERCOM of Russia will prepare changes in the legal regulations, according to the Agency, will increase the effectiveness of its aircraft, including the departure of the rescuers abroad.

“At the end of the workshop on the development of aviation of EMERCOM Minister Vladimir Puchkov set a task to prepare and submit proposals for necessary amendments to the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation in the interests of EMERCOM of Russia, regulating the use of aircraft,” — said the press service of the Ministry.

They explained that currently there is no simplified procedure for crossing of forces and means of EMERCOM of Russia through the international terminals of Russian airports for loading of aircraft.

“In this regard, it is necessary to legislatively define the simplified order of crossing with the mandatory customs and border control, which will greatly reduce the time of departure of the aircraft in the emergency zone,” — said in the MOE.

In addition, the Air code of the Russian Federation one of the state priorities in the use of airspace defined disaster assistance.

“But the Code does not contain provisions governing the use of aircraft and aviation-saving equipment in emergency situations”, — added in the Ministry. Still not resolved issues of flights of aircrafts of EMERCOM of Russia on major cities, especially since flights over the close objects is generally prohibited. Also not enshrined in law the concept of “emergency aircraft”, “aviation-rescue technologies”.

“To address these issues and be prepared for changes in legal regulations which will further enhance the efficiency of the use of aircraft to assist those in the disaster areas”, — explained in the MOE.

Currently in service of EMERCOM of Russia is 68 air of ships: 17 planes and 51 helicopters.

“The aircraft of EMERCOM of Russia perform a range of tasks aimed at prevention and liquidation of emergency situations. The main one is to ensure the conduct of rescue operations and other emergency operations, evacuation to the disaster area rescue workers, equipment and property, suppression of natural fires and monitoring the fire situation and the sanitary aviation evacuation as critically ill and injured during disasters and calamities,” concluded MOE.