Minsk has published the transcript of the dialogue of the pilot “Belavia” with the Ukrainian Manager

Decoding of negotiations of crew of the aircraft of “Belavia” with the Ukrainian Manager, who said that in the event of failure indications in the air will raise the fighters to intercept, was published in the newspaper the administration of the Belarusian President “Belarus today”.


“Manager: “Belavia-840”, was instructed that you should return to the departure airport of “Zhulyany”. For non-compliance will be raised combat aircraft to intercept”. – Pilot: “what happened?” Manager: “the air can not pass. Upon arrival, all learn”,” – said in the transcript.


In accordance with the recording crew said that the indication of a return “to the airport “Zhulyany” came from the military leadership”.


Ukrainian authorities returned to Kiev the Belarusian plane “Belavia” threatened to raise the fighters. After landing aboard an aircraft by law enforcement agencies of Ukraine was withdrawn by the passenger, a citizen of Armenia. Later it became known that it was Armen Martirosyan, a well-known antimaydanovets. The SBU said that forcibly returned to the aircraft in connection with information about a possible security threat on Board.


Belarus protested, and handed a note to Ukraine in connection with forced return of the aircraft to Kiev.

Photo: Leonid Faerberg Transport/Photo Images/Globallookpress