40 people killed in Aleppo due to terrorist attacks

40 people killed in Aleppo for three days from-for attacks of terrorists. Militants polzuetsa ten-day break, which took VC of the Russian Federation and the Syrian air force to the civilian population for humanitarian corridors could leave the Islamists areas.   The worsening situation forced the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation obratitsya to the Supreme Commander with a request to give permission to resume strikes on militants in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.   The terrorists literally kill civilians, using mortars and heavy artillery. The militants are trying to break into the Western part of Aleppo and strikes at civilian targets. Hospitals, schools, markets – just a few days dozens of dead citizens, including children, and hundreds injured.   “Due to the fact that does not stop the deaths of civilians, the militants have resumed active hostilities against the government troops, we turned to the Supreme Commander of