In Khabarovsk held a picket against girls ipoderac

In Khabarovsk held a picket against animal abuse. The protesters called for a fair punishment for the girls, suspects in the crime, RIA Novosti reported.

The posters were such inscriptions: “the Murderers among us”, “Zhivoderok Khabarovsk to jail”, “we Demand to tighten the article 245 of the criminal code to 10 years in prison, a fine to the parents of 500 thousand rubles.”

“We came out with a demand to toughen the punishment under criminal article “cruelty to animals”, the fastest adoption of law about responsible treatment of animals and fair punishment for perpetrators of mass cruel murders of animals in Khabarovsk”, — said the representative of the organization “Zoozaschita” DV Natalia Kovalenko.

According to police, picket gathered more than 150 people, some came with dogs. Disorder was not, the action agreed with the municipality.

In mid-October, the press got information that the two minor girls killed animals and filmed the process on video and photos. Victims, they chose placed online ads on the transfer of the animals are in good hands.

A criminal case under the article on animal cruelty committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion. For both 17-year-old suspects appointed psychological and psychiatric examination, one of them placed under house arrest after trying to flee to St. Petersburg. The investigation found that they killed at least 15 animals.